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I write contemporary/fantasy mashup teen/adult books with quirky narrators. Find THE MOMENT BEFORE and THE EMPRESS CHRONICLES at your favorite book retailer.


As a reader, I am always ready to dive into stories told by a unique voice. A narrator that demands I follow, and winds me through new territory. I approach writing my books the same way. Voice. Setting. Relationships. Unique takes on boy meets girl. I'm a fan of quirky characters, too. The imperfect, slightly off artsy girl. The bad boy with a heart. Characters who don't fit the general mold. They tend to find me. On the page and in real life.

Apple has best graphics in closing arguments of the e-book price fixing case.

Reblogged from Books2day:

As might be expected from a company that has always prided itself on visual presentation and modern design, Apple had by far the best graphics used in the DOJ case on e-book price fixing. Here are the slides used in the closing arguments to summarize Apple's position. 



apple summation 1