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I write contemporary/fantasy mashup teen/adult books with quirky narrators. Find THE MOMENT BEFORE and THE EMPRESS CHRONICLES at your favorite book retailer.


As a reader, I am always ready to dive into stories told by a unique voice. A narrator that demands I follow, and winds me through new territory. I approach writing my books the same way. Voice. Setting. Relationships. Unique takes on boy meets girl. I'm a fan of quirky characters, too. The imperfect, slightly off artsy girl. The bad boy with a heart. Characters who don't fit the general mold. They tend to find me. On the page and in real life.

my smokin' hot week

sam and thamires marry!Diversion Books is going to publish an ebook AND a print version of RAISING CHEER in January, 2014!!


Read all about it (and other Suzy Vitello milestone news) in this post.




I'm beyond thrilled to announce that my YA contemporary RAISING CHEER will be released by DIVERSION BOOKS in early November.


Here's a link to find out more about the book!


In about a month I'll have review, pre-order and cover reveal info. Can't wait!

Your Blog on BookLikes - Custom-Made

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We've made some shifts and moves and added some customization possibilities. From now on you can manage the look of your blog on BookLikes and make it more personal thanks to customization tools which allow you to modify, add and change some of the elements visible on your personal webpage. 


Moves and shifts 


We've moved several elements from Settings to a new spot. All changes will be visible once you Save them. If you don't like them, just remove them and try something new.


Now if you would like to add or change the following things:


- blog name

- blog description

- social share buttons (likes, tweets, +1, pin it)

- social profile links

- design theme


you can do it in Settings/Blog tab by clicking Customize


This is perfect place for doing some personalization with your title and introduction, editing your blog design and sharing your writings thanks to social share buttons (add like, tweet, +1, pin it buttons) and your social profiles.


Some Extras


Additionally we've added several extra features to let you tinker with your page little longer :-) Let's see, once you click Customize in Settings/Blog you can change your webpage look. Here's how:


- You can add widgets to your BookLikes webpage, just get widget code(s) from Goodies/Widget page and paste it in Widget Area (if you want to add several widgets, just paste several codes, one under another);


- You can change sides of your columns and move them from right to left;




- You can hide and reveal boxes with books - you can decide whether you want to show all of them: Currently reading, Recently Added or Favorite books, some or none (instead of boxes you can place Shelf Widget);


- You can change background on your pages (possibilities varies according to design theme) and modify color of your Blog Name - this change will be visible on all of your sub-sites - blog, shelf, timeline).


You can upload images for header (in leather theme) and background (in all themes).





OR you can go crazy with color (add custom CSS to change background color, e.g.:  body { background: #FF5274; } ).



Play around and click Save. If you don't like the color or image, you can easily delete it and try something new.


Get ready for engaging and addictive fun :-) Gradually we'll add more customization features and new designs themes. If you have requests and preferences, do let us know :-) 


If you would like to become BookLikes Designer, present and share your blog themes, or know a person who would like to, give us a shout at



We've received several info about spam problems. We wanted to calm you down and let you know that we're already dealing with the issue and preparing feature that will help you in controlling who can follow your blog. We hope to deal with this really soon. Thank you for your patience and for being so supportive. You're the best :-)

Review of Jodi Angel's New Collection

Looking for a good small press collection of short stories? Here are my thoughts on YOU ONLY GET LETTERS FROM JAIL by Jodi Angel.

News, interviews, and a CONTEST!

suzy soule ya recipe

Suzy Soule YA Buzz is a new newsletter chock full of tidbits: interviews, recipes and contests. Give it a look!





kari luna interview & contest

kari luna in a candy store

Hey folks! The other day I met with young adult debut author Kari Luna. Her whimsical new book, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, is coming out on July 12th (though I hear it's available at Powell's, now!)


You can read the interview here, and even better, visit the homepage & sign up for my newsletter (which will be heading out Wednesday, July 10th) and you'll get an invitation to enter a pitch contest where the winning entry will get a SIGNED COPY of Kari's new book!


giveaway winners

Hi all,


Congrats to and and  The three winners of unkiss me!


Thanks to everyone who participated. This was lots of fun.

New: BookLikes Giveaways

GiveawaysBookLikes Giveaways are officially open. Now you can not only shelve and review books on BookLikes, you can actually share and give them away!


So if you have some books to spare, want to promote and popularize you book, give a book a second reading life, now you can :-)


BookLikes Giveaways are simple. You can take part in them and win a book totally for free as well as create your Giveaways and give away your books. All Giveawys are visible on BookLikes Giveaways page where you can look them through, sort them by those who started them: by all BookLikes members and by Authors (we’re extremely happy that BookLikes authors introduce this new feature with us) and enter to win a book. All book formats are available, including ebooks and audiobooks.


The entrance to Giveaways is on Dashboard in right column - soon will be moving it on the upper tool bar so stay tuned.


Please take notice at Giveaway's information, like book language, format and country it is available for before requesting one to make sure you can enter. 


To create and start your Giveaway go to Giveaways page and click “Create your giveaway”. Fill up the form, add book information and to which countries you can send it and then publish online. Your Giveaway will be visible from start date and when it reaches finish date, you’ll get information who has entered to win it and who the winner is (or you can pick the winner by yourself) along with postal information - so make sure to provide correct shipment address once you enter to win a book. Otherwise the book will not find its way to new owner. 


Note that it is the person who creates the Giveaway who is responsible for shipping  the book and delivery costs. If its ebook or audiobook you'll receive winner's email to send him/her instruction how to collect given book (it depends on the Giveaway's author, e.g with use of free code, via mail).


Today's New BookLikes Giveaway Feature is Open along with BookLikes Authors who offer their book Giveaways. We would like to thank all authors for your engagement and involvement in this book lovers' event and new BookLikes feature launch. Thank you :)


And now let's find great books or start your Giveaway right away. 

Here are book Giveaways by BookLikes Authors (click on the book title to go to single Giveaway page and enter to win):


- Claire O'Brien giveaways Cordelia Codd: Not Just the Blues.  

- Elizabeth Watasin giveaways The Dark Victorian: Risen.

- Lauren B. Davis giveaways Our Daily Bread. 

- Libby Hellmann giveaways Havana Lost

- Rayne Hall giveaways Storm Dancer. 

- Suzy Soulé giveaways Unkiss me.

- Gary Corby giveaways Ionia Sanction (paper), Sacred Games (paper) and Sacred Games (ebook). 

- Ned Ned Hayes giveaways COEUR D'ALENE WATERS (paper and ebook) and SINFUL FOLK (paper and ebook).

- Krzysztof Adamski giveaways Rubież and Maski (in Polish).


See all Giveaways on Giveawys Page :-)


If you need more information or have any questions, please read Terms & Conditions on Giveaways Page, visit our FAQ site or write to us

LeakyCon Week

LeakyCon Portland. I'm going. Are you?


Apple has best graphics in closing arguments of the e-book price fixing case.

Reblogged from Books2day:

As might be expected from a company that has always prided itself on visual presentation and modern design, Apple had by far the best graphics used in the DOJ case on e-book price fixing. Here are the slides used in the closing arguments to summarize Apple's position. 



apple summation 1


Mourning Goats

mourning goatHey Facebook folks! Last year I did this interview with Mourning Goats -- looks like they reran it. Have you heard of Mourning Goats? They really research their authors before they interview. Check out some other author interviews:




Check out Kari Luna's debut, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. (Release date July 11)


Story Cards



I'm putting together some materials for various conferences I'm attending, and I thought it might be fun to create (with the help of my wonderful designer) story cards as a business card alternative. Little teasers introducing readers to my books with contact info on the back. Here's a link to a blog post I wrote about it. 


Any thoughts?

possible setting for my next book?
possible setting for my next book?

The Oregon High Desert is a landscape of history, mystery, and hardship. All the elements for a YA book featuring a teenage boy running from (and to) love.

literary settings

What are your favorites?


Vizify your Tweets

Have you seen what's new on Twitter? You can make a Vizify Video of your tweets. Pretty cool, especially if you interact with lots of book people!